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For A Loved One


The loss of a loved one, either family or friend, is one of the most difficult and upsetting times in your life. At the very moment when you are finding it almost impossible to think about anything, there will need to be decisions made about the funeral ceremony. What music would they have wanted? What readings? Would they want a hymn sung or a modern song or nothing?

If they weren't particularly religious, would they have wanted their friends and family to sit through a religious service?


This is when Mark can help support and guide you through the different options that exist away from a religious ceremony. We can help establish what type of ceremony would have been wanted and that feels right for that one individual.


By talking with you about the deceased we can establish what their personality was, their likes and dislikes, their real passions. I can then tailor this information to ensure that their ceremony is a true and personal celebration of their life.

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