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For some people, their own funeral arrangements are unimportant to them, but funerals have to be organised and this burden will generally fall to the next-of-kin. 


Increasingly people are taking out funeral pre-payment plans or insurance policies so that the cost of the funeral is not a burden, but often the organisation of the ceremony is still overlooked. At the very moment when your family and friends are missing you the most, they find themselves having to decide what type of ceremony you would have wanted - do they know if you wanted a burial or cremation, what music would you want, what readings, who would you like to speak, say a tribute or give their recollections? The choice of the music alone can often lead to family disagreements at this time of heightened emotions.


Mark can work with you in advance to explain the options and to record your wishes fully and accurately, making sure you have the ceremony you wanted and removing the decision making and the worries from your loved ones.


Using Mark to pre-plan your ceremony itself starts from only £120.00.


It does not mean that you are tied to having Mark officiate at your funeral, you are free to have your wishes passed on to whoever you would like to perform your ceremony. You are presented with a copy of your wishes to keep.


If you would like to know more about this service and preparing for the future, please contact me using the form or the contact details on the Contact page.

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