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About Peace of Mind Ceremonies

Peace of Mind Ceremonies is run by Mark Bolkonsky.


Mark has almost twenty years' experience of organising events and is passionate about making sure that on the day everything goes exactly as planned. With his extensive knowledge of event management, his organisational skills complemented by his friendly, calm and dignified manner, with an appropriate sense of humour, Mark helps you have your ceremony precisely how you would like it.


Mark explains where his interest in being a funeral celebrant started.

"Many years ago I went to our local crematorium for the funeral of my Grandfather. In truth, my Grandfather was not a church goer, and the Vicar who conducted his service did not know him. The Vicar spent a few minutes before the service checking family names and basic facts, and then gave a general eulogy that could have been about almost anyone. It certainly wasn't about my Grandfather. I decided at that moment that any future family funerals - including my own - would be much better planned and much more personal."


It is that personal touch that Mark brings to every service. Through meetings and discussions with the family, he helps develop a unique ceremony that is completely in line with the wishes of the deceased and their family.
Mark trained as a Celebrant with the County Celebrant Network and all of his ceremonies are carried out to the same high and exacting standards.
The service can be as formal or informal, as religious or non-religious, as traditional or as unusual - Mark is there with you every step of the way to make sure that you end up with the ceremony you wanted.
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