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Balance In An Ever Changing World


What is a Funeral Celebrant?


When a couple get married, the ceremony can be carried out by a religious figure - Vicar, Priest, Rabbi, Imam and so on - or it can be a civil ceremony by a Registrar. Similarly, when someone has a funeral, if they are particularly religious then the choice of who should officiate may already be set. But for those who are not especially religious now there is also the option of a civil ceremony performed by a Funeral Celebrant.


With the modern trend towards more funerals at the crematorium or woodland burial sites, more and more people are choosing to have a Celebrant conduct their funeral.


A Celebrant can create a bespoke service, combining exactly the right balance of the religious or the non-religious, the secular or the spiritual. The ceremony is tailored towards individual needs.


Peace of Mind Celebrant Mark Bolkonsky is an expert in creating ceremonies which combine the desire for comforting tradition or ritual with the needs of an ever-changing community.


Experienced in a range of ceremonies Mark can help find the right words for your service.  He aims to give clients the highest standard of service over a range of ceremonial needs, and attention to detail is a hallmark of his profession.


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